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About Albany Academy

Albany Associates work in areas where development, diplomacy and defence converge; where aid workers, diplomats and soldiers cohabit. In these often complex circumstances, the value of communication cannot be ignored.

Understanding the local information environment, using digital media effectively, engaging local and niche communities, dealing with the media fairly, planning and running effective campaigns – the development of these and other communication capabilities contributes greatly to the effectiveness of civil society, governments and business in challenging environments.

More than communicating change, we enable change through effective, comprehensive communication.

Our Academy’s experience and reputation in capacity-building through training is proven. Training is a core function of what we do. With an open, engaging and empathetic style, we are practitioners who teach, not trainers who preach.

Our online training consists of two elements:

  1. An ‘academic library’, where you are currently, and;
  2. A ‘virtual college’ Albany Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS)which can be found at academy.albanyassociates.com (note: full access is limited to those enrolled on courses).

This site, is effectively our ‘academic library’, incorporating online media-rich training publications, or online ‘workbooks’, often used within our projects. Either in Group e-Learning (GeL) or Group Hybrid (GHyb - mixed classroom and online training) mode they are mostly used in conjunction with training conducted in our ‘virtual college’ (LMS).

You will not have access to these publications unless you have been issued a licence code, normally as part of a training initiative within a wider Albany project, hosted on the LMS. However, individuals can purchase licence codes, either for self-learn (SL) purposes or for a short supported self-learn (SSL) package which involves one-to-one tutor time, by contacting us directly (see below).

For the best learning experience, you can download our mobile app for iOS or Android.

You may have stumbled across this site by accident or through curiosity. If the latter, and you are interested in our training, then our training brochure can be found on this site after you register.

Alternatively contact us at training@albanyassociates.com.

For more about Albany Associates see our website: www.albanyassociates.com.